Realising the potential available from the capabilities within SAP Strategy Management doesn’t happen by magic!

Our consulting services range across the complete life cycle of the performance management process and the deployment of software to support that activity:

  • strategy development – working with you to identify and structure your strategic goals together with the KPIs to measure your progress towards achieving them
  • blueprint development – specifying each of the elements that will come together to create your Performance Management system so there is a clear, detailed specification to drive the implementation process
  • software installation – working with your team to install SSM and make the application ready for use
  • software implementation – realising your performance management framework within SSM
  • training – formal training and informal knowledge transfer
  • system development – extending the use of your environment to meet your evolving needs
  • support – mentoring and ongoing services with our specialist knowledge

We are flexible to reflect the contractual relationships that are most suitable to the smooth working of your projects. At times this has meant working directly with the client, in collaboration with SAP or your existing implementation partner or through agencies.

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