Colin Cooper - Director
Colin Cooper – Director

“Availability of data and metrics increases in volume all the time but when you are searching in a haystack the last thing you need is more hay! It is vital to have a clear view of what is really important, understand the impact of those values and see them in context.

At ISSEL we can help you understand not only your current performance status, but also help you communicate where you are aiming and how you plan to get there.”

ISSEL is a specialist in helping customers maximise the performance effectiveness of their organisations through the use of performance management technology. Through this technology ISSEL helps organisations to align their activities around their key goals and strategic objectives, enabling not only clear communication and collaboration but also providing the operational reporting capabilities to allow the organisation to move forwards.

In this way organisations can to monitor and measure their performance towards their goals whatever the environment or data source.

ISSEL are specialists in the implementation of SAP Strategy Management (SSM) and can work with you to help from strategy development, through installation, implementation, system development, training and ongoing support.

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