Developing your strategic framework

Software is not the silver bullet!

The implementation of an effective Performance Management Application can help to embed the concepts and practice of Performance Management in your organisation and help the transformation from aspirational theory  to a living high performance culture. But software alone is not the magical silver bullet. Of vital imprtance  is the development of management expertise and understanding of the concepts, ‘philosophy’ and methods of effective Performance Management.

ISSEL adds a unique combination of know how and experience to your use of the software in ways that help you to optimise the opportunities for performance improvement that this presents. Whether you operate in the private or public sectors, we can add new impetus to your organisation’s aims. Whether this is ‘to become the number one profitable supplier of choice to clients’ or ‘to become the location of choice, with economic opportunities and a quality of life which aim to match those available anywhere in the country’, ISSEL can help you develop the understanding across your organisation.

This means focusing on outcomes, such as ‘deliver product quality’, ‘develop innovative effective service’ or ‘be an attractive, clean place to live, work, shop and play’. These will make a tangible difference to your customers, key business partners and the lives of those the organisation serves.

Strategy focused organisations demonstrably deliver excellence. This is the challenge to individuals, teams and partnerships – and to underlying business processes.

‘Continuous improvement’ has become the norm in everyone’s way of working. It means engaging and getting the commitment of everyone concerned. Meeting this challenge can be likened to leading a large group of people on a journey into new and unfamiliar territory.

 A proven approach

ISSEL has a proven approach to this challenge. We do not offer solutions from afar. We work with the individuals and the teams that must commit to and then carry out delivery to improved levels of performance. We coach use of the processes, tools and solutions. In this way we equip organisations for change.

One of the characteristics of organisations that have been successful in bringing about change is that they identify and map the steps to bridge this gap. Aims and goals tell us ‘what’ we want to achieve. Strategies and plans set out the ‘how’ we are going to deliver to new standards and levels. Robust processes and solutions are needed to identify the changes; map chosen solutions; and support the organisation in active Performance Management.

A programme delivered by ISSEL will strengthen your ‘Performance Management Framework’. Specifically, our programmes underpin:

  • Alignment of priorities, people and processes
  • Business planning and target setting
  • Managing service delivery improvements
  • Use of Performance Metrics and Balanced Scorecard
  • Evidence based reporting
  • Active Risk Management

Participation in our team based approach supports personal and organisational development. As participants gain experience and confidence in the approach and solutions, they will increasingly lead programmes for themselves. We build skills,experience and capacity into the organisation to continue performance improvement into the future.

 Work Plan

Experience has shown that success calls for a consistent approach over a 12 month period, during which we systematically cascade the process across an organisation. Ideally this phased approach starts with developing the Corporate Scorecard, which then acts as the point of integration for the key organisational roles:

  • Corporate Management Team (CMT) and Members – Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard workshops
  • CMT, Members and in-house facilitators – Performance Driven Management programme (PDM)
  • Facilitators – ISSEL Balanced Scorecard application training

Facilitated workshops train staff to create robust content for the planning and performance management process:

  • Build the Corporate Scorecard, developed and implemented using SAP Strategy Management
  • Service/Departmental Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard workshops
  • PDM for Services/Departments
  • Deliver ISSEL Balanced Scorecard application training
  • Build Department and Service Scorecards
  • Cascade PDM and Scorecards through the organisation

The benefits to you

The benefits to you from working with ISSEL are:

  • A consistent approach across the organisation and through time
  • A robust and challenging process that identifies, weights and considers all critical performance and risk factors
  • Commitment to delivery of goals through clear understanding of all participants of what and how they will be achieved
  • Transparency to senior management of process and outcomes
  • A documented programme outcome that can be used as the basis for communication to all stakeholders
  • Efficient use of participants’ time
  • Learning and practice in tools and techniques that can be constantly re-applied
  • Outcomes that translate directly into action planning, underpinned with key measurement points suitable to populate a set of Balanced Scorecards

We look forward to this new level of partnership and sharing world-class experience in change management in the most integrated way.

These digests, developed in collaboration with Europartnership will give you a flavour of these elements:

 Linking Strategy and Planning to Budgets

Address the conflict inherent in the long versus short term natures of strategy and budgetary processes.

 Beyond the Budget

Looking beyond the purely financial.

 Using Balanced Scorecards to improve Corporate Governance

Enhancing governenace through a wider view of the organisation’s progress and activities.

 Enterprise Performance Management

Optimising the use of SAP’s Enterprise Performance Management applications requires an open and inclusive approach.

 Strategic Conversations in Performance Management

Setting strategy and goals in uncertain times calls for an open and inclusive approach.

 Using performance drivers within scenario based models

Underpinning business growth strategies with analytical business models.

Training Sessions/Programmes available:

  • Introduction to Balanced Scorecards
  • Cause and Effect
  • Performance Driven Management (PDM)
  • Corporate Performance Management
  • Strategy Mapping
  • Key Performance Questions
  • SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-framed) Measures.

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