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Prior to its acquisition by SAP in 2007, Pilot Software had a long and proud history of innovation and development .

Among the landmarks from Pilot’s history that stand out:

  • The launch of the first client/server Executive Intelligence System with built-in Time Intelligence back in 1986.
  • The first browser based business intelligence offering in 1997
  • The first Performance Management system to support pathways and initiatives in 2005

Throughout that time, Pilot focused on delivering practical analytical power to the user to support enhanced decision making rather than just catering for the needs of the power user. In 1987 the first ever balanced scorecard was created at Analog Devices on a Pilot Software platform.

ISSEL has long experience of the full range of Pilot products offered to the market over the years. Implementations of Pilot Software products are still productive today, many years after their original go live.

If you require assistance or consulting support with an existing Pilot Software implementation, ISSEL stands ready to discuss your requirements to enable you to reap further benefit from that original investment.

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