ISSEL (Intranet Software Solutions (Europe) Limited) was founded in July 1996 and is a privately owned company.

ISSEL is a specialist in helping customers maximise the performance effectiveness of their organisations through the use of performance management technology. ISSEL helps organisations to align their activities around their key goals and strategic objectives, providing not only clear communication and collaboration but also providing the operational reporting capabilities to allow the organisation to move forwards.

This allows organisations to monitor and measure their performance towards their goals whatever the environment or data source.

ISSEL are specialists in the implementation of SAP Strategy Management working in collaboration with systems integrators, SAP and/or their partners or directly with the client.

Reverse chronological ISSEL history and milestones:

  • Following the acceptance of the Proof of Concept, in 2016 ISSEL rolls out SAP Strategy Management at Islamic Development Bank.
  • In the autumn of 2015 ISSEL collaborates with BCG and Procons in the development of the strategic goals framework for Islamic Development Bank aligning objectives from the corporate level through to the operating levels and the creation of a Proof of Concept for their implementation of SAP Strategy Management.
  • September 2014 sees ISSEL start the collaboration with CGI to support the European Space Agency in the implementation of Project Programme and Strategy Planning incorporating SAP Strategy Management (SSM), SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) and the full BusinessObjects suite.
  • January 2014 and ISSEL upgrades Accessible Archives COUNTER reporting to reflect the COUNTER 4 specification.
  • December 2013 sees ISSEL working with local partners Intellego BI to implement SAP Strategy Management for South America’s leading forestry, building materials and retail group Masisa.
  • In November 2013 BMJ’s COUNTER reporting is upgraded to meet the COUNTER 4 standard.
  • April 2013, building on the enhancements made in late 2012, ISSEL makes the updates required by Stirling Council Waste Management to make their SAP Strategy Managment system ready for the 2013/14 year.
  • January 2013 and Marketwave becomes fully owned by ISSEL.
  • The last days of November 2012 see ISSEL start work on the update of Stockholm Vatten’s performance management system with a refresh of the existing KPIs and a move to SAP Strategy Management.
  • February 2012 and ISSEL start work on a major project for the implementation of SAP Strategy Management at one of India’s largest companies. The system will cover all of their activities from manufacturing and energy exploration through to internal services.
  • May 2011 sees ISSEL, working with Service Birmingham, complete the implementation of SAP Strategy Management for Birmingham City Council. In the largest implementation of SAP Strategy Management in the UK, the system provides visibility of performance right across the Council from the Corporate level to the individual Service level. The system includes the monitoring of corporate risks and the visibility of these risks within the overall Performance Management framework.
  • In February 2011 the Oxford English Dictionary is the first title out of the wide range of Oxford University Press’ Academic Division’s resources that goes live on the reporting system based on Marketwave HitList.
  • Accessible Archives add SUSHI machine-to-machine data exchange capability to their Marketwave HitList implementation in December 2009
  • Oxford University Press add ISSEL’s SUSHI module to their HitList system so that from September 2009 their customers are able to access their monthly usage statistics through the machine-to-machine data transfer.
  • In August 2009 BMJ add the reporting of usage by mobile devices to their range of reporting, which includes COUNTER complaint reporting, provided by Marketwave HitList
  • July 2009 and ISSEL start work, in collaboration with Acuma, on the implementation of SAP Strategy Management at the University of Birmingham to provide a clear view of their progress towards achieving their strategic goals
  • In May 2009 ISSEL complete their work on the implementation of SAP Strategy Management for the newly constituted Wiltshire Council working with Logica on the project that implements a complete new finance, procurement and HR management system for the organisation
  • At the end of February 2009 Oxford University Press launch their new Online Usage Statistics system based on Marketwave HitList to deliver COUNTER complaint reporting to their thousands of customers for their Journals products.
  • In January 2009 Accessible Archives, Inc – a specialist publisher of electronic full-text searchable historical databases of 18th and 19th century American newspapers, periodicals and county histories provides their customers with COUNTER compliant reports delivered through Marketwave HitList.
  • In November 2008 ISSEL become vendor members of COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources) helping publishers in the scholarly market provide the COUNTER format reporting to their subscribers.
  • In August 2008 ISSEL become resellers of SAP BusinessObjects’ market leading Enterprise Performance Management, Business Intelligence and Information Management solutions.
  • Following the acquisition of Pilot Software by SAP in February 2007, ISSEL were recognised as being a key partner to provide consulting and implementation services for SAP Strategy Management. ISSEL carry out the first implementation of SAP Strategy Management in the UK at Stirling Council.
  • Following the formation of the new Marketwave in January 2007 and purchase of the HitList product line from Pilot Software, ISSEL’s unrivalled expertise with the product was recognised in ISSEL becoming Marketwave’s Master Distributor for Europe, Middle East and Africa and with the Directors of ISSEL becoming stockholders in the newly formed company.
  • On the 1 December 2005 ISSEL became the European and African Master Distributor for Pilot Software’s performance management products.
  • ISSEL became resellers of PilotWorks 20 April 2004. PilotWorks is an Operational Performance Management system and with ISSEL’s extensive experience in web performance management this was a logical step for the company to take. ISSEL is now one of the few European Pilot Software partners who carries the whole Pilot Software line of products.
  • On the 18 April 2004 ISSEL became resellers of ServersCheck, a technical performance management tool.
  • In August 2002 ISSEL become Master Distributor for Pilot Software’s Pilot HitList product line in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Kurt J. Bilafer, director of sales and services at Pilot Software said “The purpose of Pilot’s partnership program is not only to extend Pilot’s leading technology to companies across the globe, but also to create value-added enhancements to Pilot’s technology by unifying the talents, services, and products of best-of-breed vendors and service providers.”
  • ISSEL is awarded the “eRoom Top Performer of the Year 2001” award. The Top Performer Award 2001 was presented to ISSEL by the eRoom President and CEO, Jeffrey Beir, at the the eRoom Partner Kick Off meeting in Barcelona.
  • In April 2001 ISSEL became the worldwide distributor and reseller for dbCompanion.
  • ISSEL became the first reseller in the world for Zezame Review in January 2001.
  • ISSEL becomes an ABC Associate from year-end 2000 and achieved the first ABC certification for a live client in March 2000.
  • ISSEL became the the worldwide Master Distributor for Hit List Commerce Pro in September 2000. “As Accrue continues to focus on the enterprise eBusiness analytics solutions we are confident ISSEL is the right partner to continue to support and grow the small business web traffic analysis marketplace we acquired through the MarketWave acquisition ,” said Rick Kreysar, president and CEO of Accrue Software. “ISSEL offers a wealth of experience in selling and supporting software and we’re delighted to be working with them.”
  • In March 1999 ISSEL became the first Certified Technical Support provider in the world for Hit List.
  • We were very happy to be the first eRoom reseller outside of North America in the spring 1998.
  • In the autumn of 1997 we signed up as resellers of Hit List and we soon become the biggest grossing Hit List reseller in the world.
  • When ISSEL was started in July 1996 we were the first reseller outside of the US for the Stellent Content Management system.

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