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Performance management – Get started

  • I’m new to performance management and would like to find out more about how it works and its benefits.
  • I would like to understand how performance management could help my organisation.
  • My organisation needs to either develop new or refine goals that are meaningful to everyone.
  • I am a performance management advocate and looking to really convince my boss.
  • I have got the job of understanding how we can meet the various performance mandates.

White papers

 The alignment-focused organization: Bridging the gulf between strategy and execution Author: SAP BusinessObjects

 Demystifying Performance Management  Author: Pilot Software

 How to jump start your Performance Management project  Author: Pilot Software

 The 7 Key Benefits of using a Balanced Scorecard Author: Bernard Marr

 The management imperative at midsize companies: How to use strategy and Performance Management as competitive weapons  Author: Mark Friedman, president of Real Time Strategy

 Performance Management for contact centres Author: Pilot Software

 Performance Management overview  Author: Greg Winston for Clear Analytics

Articles and analysis

  A how-to guide for the service improvement initiative by Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

 Love your “Dogs” by Harry Quarls, Thomas Pernsteiner, and Kasturi Rangan

 Recommended Performance Management features checklist by ISSEL

 Performance Management glossary by Pilot Software

 The process of Performance Management Implementation at Stirling Council Waste Management by UMS

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