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The Home tab provides your users with the ability to create their individual overview of the activity within the system while also alerting them to the changes that have taken place. Instead of having to hunt for the activity that impacts them, each user can see their own view and customise that view as their needs change without having to go back to IT. This personalisation encourages adoption of the system as the place to go to keep up to date with progress.

Customisable home page provides your personalised view
Customisable home page provides your personalised view

Key features and benefits

  • Personalised performance summaries: As well as highlighting the elements that are behind target, the My Performance Summary component allows users to select particular items of interest to create a key set of status positions directly on their Home page. These can be added to or swapped out in a couple of clicks when needed.
  • State-specific bookmarks: Users can capture a specific view during their exploration and analysis of performance and save it to revisit whenever needed.
  • Status alerts: Wherever in the world they may be, managers can choose to be alerted to status changes both on their Home page and by email allowing them to take immediate corrective action to head off future performance issues. Be notified about new Comments, Initiative milestones coming due or data to be provided or approved.
  • Contextually useful materials: Administrators can make external content available and ready to use directly on the Home page or via Content links.

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