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Enhance the effectiveness of your regular review activity by rapidly pulling together any collection of views from SAP Strategy Management into a single collection so that participants can arrive aware of the issues and ready to collaborate in informed discussion and developing decision making.

SAP Strategy Management’s Briefing Book component enables organisations to formalise the operational review process by making it easy to capture, comment on, consolidate and present certified information on goals, initatives and metrics. With structured operational reviews, users can consolidate information captured from anywhere within SAP Strategy Management into a unified story of performance.

When viewed within SAP Strategy Management, these captured reviews can ‘go live’ so users can explore the latest performance. Alternatively printing the Briefing Book to PDF, incorporating external PDFs if required, automatically compiles a document including the comments on the views that can be shared more widely or published externally to SAP Strategy Management, distibuting performance insights to constituents that do not have direct access to the system. Coming direct from the system, all information contained in Briefing Books is ‘certified’, so that concerns over data accuracy and validity are minimised.

Capture any view to create an operational review Briefing Book.
Capture any view to create an operational review Briefing Book.

Key features and benefits

  • Rapid briefing book compilation: capture any screen within SAP Strategy Management to rapidly compile the base briefing book for regular operational reviews. Save considerable time in compiling a certified view of performance.
  • Distribute internally and externally: Publish Breifing Books to the target audience
    • Make the Briefing Book available internally through SAP Strategy Management
    • Publish externally in a secure PDF format that can be emailed, printed, viewed on screen or published to a web site
  • Provide contextual background information by inserting additional PDF documents into the PDF version for printing.
  • Commentary: Add annotations throughout a Briefing Book to highlight points and ensure that those less familiar with results know the story behind the performance.
  • ‘Live’: Viewed in SAP Strategy Management the Briefing Book remains ‘live’ allowing users to explore further into underlying KPIs or drill into the dimensions within KPIs.
  • Speed Briefing Book organisation: Pages can be reordered within the Briefing Book and additional pages incorporated to reflect evolving demands. A table of contents is automatically added on publication.

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