Effective training ensures that your staff have the skills to evolve your SAP Strategy Management implementation as your organisation and your strategy evolves – whether in terms of cascading the initial implementation deeper within the organisation or to reflect the changing objectives driven by your changing environment. What we seek to achieve is that you own the implementation and are empowered to carry out this development rather than continually having to refer back to us.

We view training in 2 ways:

  • skills transfer – where there is a formal agenda for topics to be covered
  • knowledge transfer – where there is ongoing exploration of the capabilities and the possibilities available

Skills transfer

To enable you to own your implementation your staff need the skills and knowledge to manage and exploit the features and functions within the SAP Strategy Management application. ISSEL have led numerous training courses to provide hands-on training in the use of the SAP Strategy Management application covering the range of needs:

  • Administrator training
    • System set up
    • System base configuration
    • User management
    • Database development and data loading
    • System administration
  • Key user/Train the trainer training
    • Performance Management thinking
    • System configuration and development
    • Feature capability use
    • Exploiting these features
  • End user training
    • Application familiarisation
    • Using the system

We can tailor our training to meet your needs, whether it the base training required for initial system implementation, a refresher course relating to a new version or to the needs of staff turnover. In all cases training is hands-on so theory is cemented through practice.

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer typically takes place both during the implementation stage and the training stages of the project. Our goal is to explore with your staff how they can achieve the ends they are seeking to achieve. As such, knowledge transfer is typically an informal process where we share the experiences of years of practice. By exploring these avenues we seek to provide your staff with a rounded understanding and discuss some of the ‘what ifs’ that crop up during the process.

Whatever your training needs or the stage you have reached we can reflect these requirements and develop a proposal to meet them.

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