SAP Strategy Management provides a complete web based Administration interface with a logically structured process to simplify the configuration process, speed the return on investment and simplify the ability to extend the system or for it to evolve to meet the changing nature of the business.

The interface provides a framework to build and configure the system without the need for coding skills and enables a wide range of configuration options. A hierarchy of contexts can be created either individually or from templates to reflect the structure of the organisation. A central Library holds Perspectives, Objectives and KPIs that can be organised in a multi-level format. This structure can be built based on a data dimension hierarchy or manually created by dragging and dropping objects into the scorecard structure in the relevant position.

Administer and configure your scorecards
Administer and configure the application through the browser

Key features and benefits

  • Distributed administration: Provides the flexibility to assign specific administrative permissions and roles, such as user access, metrics updates, and strategy plan creation.
  • Consistency of object definition:  Store Perspectives, Objectives and KPIs in a central Library ready to be dragged and dropped into individual scorecards. These objects can be customised if required to reflect the focus of that context. Status thresholds can be defined separately for each KPI in each context to reflect the particular nature of that point within the organisation structure.
  • Rapid cross-organisation roll-out: Create a standard format scorecard template and rollit out in a single process across the whole organisation including the application of data filters in a single step.
  • Multi-level scorecard structures: Create scorecard structures with up to 7 levels to reflect the particular needs of the business.
  • Cascade Objectives: Cascade linked Objectives through the organisation so they can be viewed together in scorecard comparisons.
  • Built on SAP NetWeaver: Built on the SAP NetWeaver AS Java platform providing enterprise tested stability.
  • Role based security: Enables organisations to specify and control which activities can be carried out by which users, granting rights to perform certain types of activity (e.g. create reports or define performance thresholds) without having to specify details for each object.
  • Scheduling capabilities: Drives automation, ensuring consistency and repeatability for performance management solutions.

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