Nowadays there is an expectation that organisations will provide a greater level of communication in respect of their performance to wider stakeholder groupings. This is particularly the case in the public sector where citizens are keen to see how their taxes are being spent and understand not only what public bodies are seeking to achieve but also how they are progressing towards achieving these outcomes. In the private sector performance towards achieving these goals should be made available to shareholders or to a wider internal audience of employees.

Generating this content can be a laborious manual process. However the CitizenInsight component of SAP Strategy Management cuts through the overhead associated with this process to deliver a complete content package that can be loaded onto the relevant external web site or intranet. This content is created direct from SAP Strategy Management incorporating all the necessary navigational elements and with the ability to include custom images and headlines highlighting the achievements of each department or service.

A prime example of this is available at Boston about Results where the City of Boston  in the USA publishes the latest status for each service within the city and describes that service’s latest achievements.

Each service has its own tile highlighting their latest achievements
Each service has its own tile highlighting their latest achievements
Select the Objective to investigate and view KPI performance
Select the Objective to investigate and view KPI performance

Key features and benefits

  • Template format for rapid implementation: CitizenInsight is ready to go with simple fields to populate that automatically create the content package ready to load onto the external web server including a tiled navigation portal page.
  • Select which objects to publish:
    • Simple checkbox selection of objects available to be published.
    • Optional internal and external sets to differentiate the selections to be published to different audiences.
    • Choose from Objectives, KPIs and Initiatives separately for each SAP Strategy Management context.
    • Include additional Associated Links to relevant content.
  • Commentary and custom images:
    • Each context within SAP Strategy Management has its own set of content.
    • Shows the name of the object and the description to explain the object to external users
    • Each context has a separate tile image with headline and key achievement.
    • Each context has up to 3 commentary elements into which a different image can be added.
  • Archive history: Each period can be retained building an archive or alternatively only the latest period can be selected for publication.
  • iPad app: A CitizenInsight iPad app is freely available from the iTunes store.

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