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 Performance management – Extend it

  • My organisation already has defined goals, but we need a way to easily monitor progress towards achieving them.
  • We have lots of metrics, but don’t know how to decide which are the important ones.
  • We track performance with metrics, but it is difficult to show how we’re improving performance and accomplishing our goals.
  • We have an internal system, but it’s error-prone and too costly to maintain.

White papers

 How to jump start your Performance Management project  Author: Pilot Software

 Mitigating Metrics Madness: Distinguishing Between Metrics and KPIs, A three-step litmus test  Author: Pilot Software

 Moving from a Metrics-Based System to Actionable Performance Management  Author: Pilot Software

Articles and analysis

 Love Your “Dogs”  by Harry Quarls, Thomas Pernsteiner, and Kasturi Rangan

  See It Coming by Wayne Eckerson, Intelligent Enterprise

 Performance Management Glossary  by Pilot Software

 Recommended Performance Management Features Checklist  by ISSEL

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