Key Benefits

Every component of the SAP Strategy Management framework offers several common core benefits and features to help you achieve your performance management goals.

SAP Strategy Management offers a flexible approach to performance management — not tied to specific methodology or technology — so that you can use the methodology of your choosing.

  • Knowing that “one size does not fit all,” ISSEL works with customers to build a solution tailored to the unique needs of each organisation — whether proprietary, standard or a combination of the two.
  • The SAP Strategy Management framework is Palladium Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard Certified™, having met the rigorous certification standards to support the Palladium Execution Premium Process™ (XPP), but has the flexibility to support whatever methodology (e.g., Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Economic Value Add, etc.) makes sense for your organisation.
  • Unlike some solutions that require you to adopt a solution in its entirety or a particular methodology, SAP Strategy Management enables you to choose only those components that you need and whatever methodology best suits your organisation.

SAP Strategy Management offers an open approach to performance management able to meet the unique needs of each and every customer.

  • In order for performance management to be truly successful, it must serve the needs of all stakeholders within the organisation — executives, business users, analysts and power users. SAP Strategy Management supports multiple presentation formats — from scorecards to reports to integration with the the familiar Microsoft Excel interface — so users can choose the one most relevant to their particular needs at that time.
  • SAP Strategy Management’s open architecture enables organisations to leverage all of their existing technology investments working with a wide range of operating systems and databases. SAP Strategy Management can integrate into a full SAP environment or stand alone drawing data from multiple, disparate information sources.

SAP Strategy Management provides structure to your work practices and your organisation’s working methods and level of readiness.

  • The browser-based SAP Strategy Management framework is designed for scalability but without forcing your hand. SAP Strategy Management allows you to deploy initially at departmental or divisional level prior to rolling out across the organisation as a whole.
  • This modular approach enables organisations to create “best practices” that can be applied to future performance management initiatives, exploiting their experience to the maximum for increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Insight into performance goes with you with SAP Strategy Management’s iPad app that delivers the latest status and allows you to interact with colleagues wherever you may be.
SAP Strategy Management on your iPad
SAP Strategy Management on your iPad

SAP Strategy Management offers a complete framework to support successful performance management initiatives reflecting the organisation’s unique needs including scorecards, dashboards, analysis & reporting and modeling & integration components.

  • Scorecards: SAP Strategy Management’s fully-featured scorecard component aligns organisational efforts with strategy and provides a cohesive view of execution against objectives. It provides a powerful and efficient medium for collaboration and reduces the potential for misinterpretation of priorities and performance expectations.
  • Initiative Management: SAP Strategy Management’s Initiative management components bring the activity that actually drives performance improvement in from the cold of disjointed silos. Now this vital activity is visible and an integral part of your overall performance management framework.
  • Analysis & Reporting: Ad hoc analysis and reporting capabilities provide fast, easy access to detailed operational data to help uncover the root cause of performance issues.
    Dashboards: Gather multiple reports together to see associated information elements in a single view.
  • Briefing Books: Make your regular or ad hoc review meetings more effective as participants arrive fully briefed with a concise view of the key elements for discussion. Spend time in discussion and making decisions rather than just a recital of what the latest figures are.
  • Modeling & Integration: Developed to bridge the gulf between the conceptual view of a strategy-driven organisation and the format in which data is stored, SAP Strategy Management’s modeling & integration capabilities enable you to build a solid, accurate and unified data foundation optimised for performance management.

SAP Strategy Management’s framework offers rapid deployment with continual evolution so that customers can immediately begin aligning execution with organisational strategy.

  • To help organisations get the most out of performance management initiatives the SAP Strategy Management framework deploys rapidly with room to grow and adapt to changing needs and real world experience.

SAP Strategy Management supports transparency with your key stakeholders to share your achievements more widely.

  • Rather than requiring labour-intensive repurposing of information, the CitizenInsight module integrated into SAP Strategy Management creates a ready-to-load package of content for you to incorporate into your intranet or public web site to share not only the results of your activity but also your commentary on its significance.

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