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See the whole picture with SAP Strategy Management

Whether seeking a more effective way to present and communicate progress towards goals across the various levels of your organisation, needing to provide a concise view of the progress in an important project or focusing on the achievements of an individual business unit or simply because you have been mandated to do so, you already know that performance management software can help you. But how do you know what technology can best support your performance management needs?

The key is selecting an application that integrates all three of the cornerstones of performance management — goals, initiatives and metrics; for only when these elements are aligned can an organisation hone performance and achieve its objectives, both short- and long-term.

Wherever you decide to start your performance management journey — with goals, initiatives or metrics at either the corporate, functional or divisional level — SAP Strategy Management can help you realise performance management results today.

SAP Strategy Management benefits

  • Integrates goals, initiatives and metrics, the three cornerstones of performance management in a single concise view
  • Start where you want to, whether top down, middle out or focusing on individual business or operational units or areas, SAP Strategy Management has the flexibility to reflect your needs and your current state of readiness, allowing you to grow across the enterprise over time.
  • Reflects your culture, addressing organisation-specific requirements, terminology and the unique needs of each individual user
  • Promotes organisational alignment by facilitating communication and encouraging collaboration around a consistent shared understanding backed up by contextually relevant background information.
  • Puts power in the hands of the individual user to drill into the data or modify their view to reflect their information needs without needing IT intervention so facilitating communication and encouraging collaboration.

Download   “SAP Strategy Management – the Benefits”  and see how the components of SAP Strategy Management help organisations bridge the gap between strategy and execution and meet the challenges of enhancing operational effectiveness.

SAP Strategy Management components

SAP Strategy Management delivers a view relevant to that level or area of the organisation so everyone can see the part they play in achieving the goals for the organisation. Offering a comprehensive performance management suite for managing goals, initiatives, and metrics, SAP Strategy Management is comprised of the following: Home Tab, Strategy Tab, Initiatives Tab, Scorecard Tab, Reports Tab, Dashboards Tab, Briefing Book Tab, CitizensInsight portal, Entry and Approval, Modeling and Administration. Follow the trail in these pages for more details on each of these components

Click here for an overview of what performance management is all about.

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