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Unique in the industry, SAP Strategy Management’s distributed and delegated entry, approval and publishing feature streamlines the process of populating metrics into a performance management system. Whereas structured data sources have an audit trail of governance to give confidence in the data, manually sourced data typically lacks this governance and generates a continual tradmill of progress chasing. SAP Strategy Management Entry and Approval cuts through this labour intensive process with an easy-to-follow workflow system that provides structure where it was typically previously lacking, alleviating costly errors and significantly reducing the amount of time spent on metrics collection and approval. Additionally, this approach allows organisations to get up and running even more quickly by providing a method to collect metrics without having to spend time integrating transactional systems or establishing a data warehouse just for one or two metrics.

Configuring Entry and Approval automatically generates all the forms needed for the collection of the data so removing the need for a time consuming manual form creation process and enabling less technical users to develop the system assigning data inputters and approvers from drop down menus.

Entry & approval process streamlines the collection, entry, approval and publishing of metrics across multiple users and data models
Entry & approval process streamlines the collection, entry, approval and publishing of metrics across multiple users and data models

Key features and benefits

  • Single interface for metrics management: Streamlines the process of collection, entry, approval (and rejection) and publishing of metrics across multiple users and data models.
  • Multi-stage approval workflow: Rapidly organise workflow with up to 5 stages to ensure the appropriate approvals before data goes forward for publication.
  • Transparency of responsibility: Clearly visible assignment of stage owners provides control over how the process is managed creating individual collections of metric sets for each user.
  • Clarity of data requirement: The only fields available are those that are required to be filled so users are not confused by unnecessary fields.
  • Progress screen: Provides an instant view of status of the entry, approval and publishing process highlighting bottlenecks or the point of delay.
  • Alerting: Alerts users of next steps they have to carry out in SSM and by email, keeping the metrics process moving forward.
  • Easy-to-use Web forms and Excel templates: Forms can be either in HTML or Excel format.
  • Historical log of values from previous records: Can be used as a reference for future metrics creation or to review the data entered for a period in question.
  • Full audit trail: Captures detailed user interactions, including time stamps for approval, rejection and submission of metrics.
  • Explanatory notes: Attach notes, previously communicated via e-mail or telephone, to any specific step within the process to explain the background to the values being entered so that approval is made on the basis of a full understanding. Alternatively explain the reason for rejection of the data suggesting aspects to double-check.
  • Historic and future target values: Update missing or correct revised historic data or add targets for multiple periods into the future.

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