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Performance Management - Resources library

In our effort to help you make good on the promise of performance management to improve your organisation's effectiveness, ISSEL brings you a free resource library.


The resource library has been devised with three “tracks” correlating to key stages in the performance management journey: Get started, Extend it, and Sustain performance; so that you can easily find the resources most relevant to your current phase. Once you decide which one you’re in currently, click on your track below to be taken directly to relevant resources to help you with this phase.



Track 1 :
Get started

Track 2 :
Extend it

Track3 :

I’m new to performance management and would like education on how it works and its benefits.

I would like to understand how performance management could help my organisation.

My organisation needs to either develop new or refine goals that are meaningful to everyone.

I am a performance management advocate and looking to really convince my boss. I've been tasked to understand how we can meet the various performance mandates. 

 Go to Track 1  

My organisation already has defined goals, but we need a way to easily monitor progress towards achieving them.

We have lots of metrics, but don’t know how to decide which are the important ones.  

We track performance with metrics, but it is difficult to show how we're improving performance and accomplishing our goals.  

We have an internal system, but it’s error-prone and too costly to maintain. 


 Go to Track 2


My team already has a performance management system, but we want to increase its usage.

My team has achieved performance management success, now how do we get other business units to adopt the system?  

I want to understand the long-term benefits of performance management. 


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