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COUNTER compliant reporting



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Information delivery has been transformed in the digital age. Unheard of quantities of data are now available at the click of a mouse. No longer is the physical location or storage demands of printed matter a barrier to study and research. Publication in digital format means that, in principle, those resources are available across the globe - instantaneously.


While these advances have proved to be a boon to scholarly research and have resulted in an increase in the range of journals and original matter available to a wider audience, they highlighted the difficulties faced by the Librarian in the subscription decision-making process. In the real world tough decisions have to be made concerning the allocation of subscription budgets.


First launched in March 2002, COUNTER is an international initiative serving librarians, publishers and intermediaries by setting standards that facilitate the recording and reporting of online usage statistics in a consistent, credible and compatible way. 


Serving the Scholarly market


ISSEL has created COUNTER compliant reporting using Marketwave HitList to meet the internal and external needs of the Publisher.


Internal needs - provide clear insight to inform site development and commercial activity


  • Value of content - usage of content by journal, volume, article
  • Value by customer - usage by institution, consortium or individual
  • Correct allocation of usage - supports the multiple login options available: individual, institutional, consortium, ATHENS
  • Transformation of non-standard formats - HighWire service logs
  • Robot reporting and exclusion from COUNTER format data
  • Search criteria used by visitors from internal or external search
  • Prospecting for new opportunities from existing and new visitors
  • Underlying data for site optimisation - navigation, site design, conversion

External Needs  - report back on usage of their resources


Working with Publishers


ISSEL's interaction of working with Publishers and Auditing bodies enables us to understand the pressures each experiences. From this we have created a full service offering to support the delivery of COUNTER compliant reporting:

  1. Discuss your site, its architecture, hosting status and your experience 
  2. Review data format and content 
  3. Review URL structure 
  4. Review identity verification structure 
  5. Review traffic and customer volumes 
  6. Security policies 
  7. Reporting requirements 
  8. Implementation 
  9. Training 
  10. Audit support

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